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Jacobsen Corporate Services was founded in 2009 by Mr. G. Jacobsen to provide advisory, company formation and accountancy services. Our main clients are foreign companies and individuals who own companies in Latvia. Their business ranges from agriculture over the building industry to digital online marketing. Our clients expect a high level of service to ensure that their business interests are looked after timely and comprehensively. Our "client first" policy ensures that the client expectations are fulfilled. We treat all client matters confidentially.

Our services:

  1. Company formation – find out how to start business in Latvia, tax rules and what are the main key features of setting up company in Latvia.
  2. Accounting services – we offer a wide range of accounting services structured for the needs and requirements of your company.
  3. Domiciliation & administration- complex outsourced services to get your business running at minimal costs.
  4. Finances and Controlling – financial management, controlling and compliance services.
  5. Advisory Services– client oriented service tailored to your needs.