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Our accounting expertise delivers you an important decision tool for your business process. We ensure accounting according to the laws of the Republic of Latvia in compliance with client internal rules and regulations.

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Professionally managed accounting allows us not only optimize our clients liquidity but also implement an informational flow to the management and influence positively the performance of the company.

We offer full accounting services  structured for the needs and requirements of your company.

Tax Accounting

Effective administration of taxes is a key to a successful business. Taxes make the company liable to the country in which it operates. Deliberative fiscal and tax management policies in the company provide transparency of business and trade.

  • Tax optimization of business processes
  • Preparation of tax reports for the State Income Service
  • Annual Report and Tax Returns
  • Representation at the State offices


It is very important for a company accounting to be considered not only as a requirement, but as a tool for management of the business. Knowledge of accounting processes and their implementation in practice followed by the requirements of law is the cornerstone of professional accounting.

  • Processing bank statements, incoming and outgoing invoices, way-bill
  • Calculation of salaries
  • Execution of accounting documents according to accounting standards
  • Preparation of annual reports and declarations

Forensic Accounting

False and fabricated accounting records and documentation are regularly encountered when dealing with corporate fraud cases. In the territories of the former Soviet-Union false accounting has unfortunately reached endemic proportions.

The forensic accounting methods allow to reconstruct the true company economic situation:

  • Reconstructing the true course of events from incomplete data, witnesses and business partners
  • Reconstructing the fraud methods
  • Recovery of key documents
  • Securing evidence for private litigation and state prosecution